Introduction to

Natural Language Processing

By Aman Bagrecha

What is Natural Language?

  • Those Languages which are not artificial or computer generated :)
  • Natural Language is what Humans communicate through
  • Eg. English, Hindi, Kannada, French…

What is Natural Language Processing?

  • Enabling computers to understand Natural Language.
  • Data is the new oil! It has information hidden underneath. Only problem is it is not that simply to extract information.

Why is it complex?

  • Ambiguity in meaning of sentence

– “I fought with my brother” Did he fight along with his brother or against him?

  • New words are added everyday
  • Position of adverb/verb can change meaning or mean nothing

– “He’s working hard” vs “He’s hard working” vs “hard he’s working”

  • Same word can have different meaning based on context

– Aditya is a friend I can always bank on for help
– Aditya is going to the bank


In-line math: $x + y = z$

Block math:

$$ f\left( x \right) = ;\frac{{2\left( {x + 4} \right)\left( {x - 4} \right)}}{{\left( {x + 4} \right)\left( {x + 1} \right)}} $$


Make content appear incrementally

{{% fragment %}} One {{% /fragment %}}
{{% fragment %}} **Two** {{% /fragment %}}
{{% fragment %}} Three {{% /fragment %}}

Press Space to play!

One Two Three

A fragment can accept two optional parameters:

  • class: use a custom style (requires definition in custom CSS)
  • weight: sets the order in which a fragment appears

Speaker Notes

Add speaker notes to your presentation

{{% speaker_note %}}
- Only the speaker can read these notes
- Press `S` key to view
{{% /speaker_note %}}

Press the S key to view the speaker notes!


  • black: Black background, white text, blue links (default)
  • white: White background, black text, blue links
  • league: Gray background, white text, blue links
  • beige: Beige background, dark text, brown links
  • sky: Blue background, thin dark text, blue links
  • night: Black background, thick white text, orange links
  • serif: Cappuccino background, gray text, brown links
  • simple: White background, black text, blue links
  • solarized: Cream-colored background, dark green text, blue links

Custom Slide

Customize the slide style and background

{{< slide background-image="/media/boards.jpg" >}}
{{< slide background-color="#0000FF" >}}
{{< slide class="my-style" >}}

Custom CSS Example

Let’s make headers navy colored.

Create assets/css/reveal_custom.css with:

.reveal section h1,
.reveal section h2,
.reveal section h3 {
  color: navy;