Train Spacenet 5 CRESI Algorithm to extract road network from Satellite Imagery.

Extract Road Network from Satellite Imagery

SMAP Soil Moisture Time Series Analysis

This script downloads SMAP L3 data and computes the soil moisture time series for specified region.

Openlayers Query via Geoserver

This application demonstrates how to display and query all geoserver layers or from a workspace using geoserver REST API. CQL (Common Query Language) filter provided by geoserver is used to query the layer.

Predicting Age group of Social Media Application users

The task at hand is to predict the age group of social media (app) users. Given the data of their users ranging from number of followers they have to hours they spend on the app, we are on the quest to solve what is the demography of the app.

Structural Modelling and analysis of concrete canoe hull

As part of concrete canoe competition representing team ASCE RVCE, the canoe hull was designed and analysed using SAP2000 and maxsurf

Analyse professional degree student enrolment v/s university count

To evaluate the trend in higher education over the years based on gender, state, and degree program.

Land Surface Temperature

Determining Land Surface Temperature of Bengaluru in ArcGIS using Landsat 8 product.

Radiant Earth Spot the Crop Hackathon

Hackathon to classify crop type in south africa Based on time-series of Sentinel-1 satellite images. Stood at 5th place on public leaderboard.

Geocoding using Mapbox API

This Application demonstrates how to geocode an address using mapbox api implemented in openlayers v6. Additionally, on-click of search, the map gets zoomed to the location of Interest.

CRUD Application using node express api

A how-to guide to build node express CRUD API.