How hard can it be to create 30 Maps?

I participated in the #30DayMapChallenge for the first time. I found the experience to be both challenging and rewarding wherein I was able to create a variety of maps using different techniques and tools. I got to use felt, blender, kepler, python and QGIS for my maps.

Though I did not complete all of them, I realised how vital and hard it is to effectively communicate information through maps and how to use maps to make informed decisions. Hope to complete all 30 next year. Compiled all my maps for the year 2022 below -

Read more about the challenge here

Day1: Points


Day2: Lines


Day3: Polygons day3-polygon

Day4: Colour Friday: Green day4-greenday

Day5: Ukraine


Day6: Network day6-network

Day7: Raster day7-raster

Day8: Data: OpenStreetMap day8-osm

Day10: A bad map day10-badmap

Day11: Colour Friday: Red day11-red

Day12: Scale day12-scale

Day13: 5 minute map image Day14: Hexagons day14-hex Day16: Minimal day16-ss

Day21: Data: Kontur Population Dataset day21-image

Day23: Movement day23-gif

Day25: Two Colors day25-map

The data I used for this challenge is archived on GitHub

Aman Bagrecha
Aman Bagrecha
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