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March 2024

Took a small vacation with Family to beat the Bangalore heat, off to Goa!

Febuary 2024

I conducted a workshop on Google Earth Engine at The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore. Also attended AGM of (IEEE GRSS Bangalore Section]( at Manipal Institute of Management, MAHE, Bangalore.

January 2024

It was a hectic month both professionally and personally! So many things piled up!

December 2023

Attended (and organised) InGARSS 2023, which happened in IIIT Bangalore. I was the YP Chair - helping organize 2 events.

I took year end break and went on vacation. This year was by far the most I’ve travelled. Wish to do the same this year (maybe even more)!

November 2023

Attended FOSS4G Asia in Seoul - co-conducted workshop on GeoPython and also gave a talk on Sentinel-1 Image Analysis Flood detection using cloud native tooling. South Korea was a experience to be lived. It was chilly outside, but I had good company throughout. Found Indian food luckily :)

We also had our 13th meetup at Indian Institute of Human Settlements in collaboration with OpenStreetMap Bengaluru - to talk about OSM and iD editor. The presenters also showcased map making using QGIS.

Our paper Climate responsive design for road surface drainage systems: a case study for city of Bengaluru got accepted in Urban water Journal!

October 2023

I conducted workshop on Planetary Computer and STAC API which was also the 12th meetup conducted by Let’s Talk Spatial.

I attended Geosmart Conference in Hyderabad. A lot of geospatial companies were present. Made many new connections and got to know about latest trends and how the indian geospatial community is up to.

September 2023

I joined GalaxEye!

We organised mapping party in Chamrajpet, Bengaluru! Read my OSM Diary here.

June - July 2023

I attended FOSS4G for the very first time and gave two talks. I had the most memorable experience in Prizren. Read in-depth blog here.