Cloud Native Composite, Subset and Processing of Satellite Imagery with STAC and Stackstac

If you wanted to collect all Sentinel satellite data for a given region of interest (ROI), say, for a given day or time frame - is there any simple way to do it?

Merging Rasters using Rasterio

Use pystac-client to fetch and merge data. Also, understand the merge functionality of rasterio.

Download MODIS data using CMR API in Python

If you have ever used USGS Earth Explorer to download / explore data, you’d notice that the manual process is cumbersome and not scalable. That is why we require a programmatic way to download satellite data.

Train Spacenet 5 CRESI Algorithm to extract road network from Satellite Imagery.

Extract Road Network from Satellite Imagery

Download and preprocess NASA GPM IMERG Data using Python and wget

In this blog post we look into how to download precipitation data from NASA website and process it with `xarray` and/or `wget`.

Polygonize Raster and Compute Zonal-Statistics in Python

Computing zonal statistics over raster using GDAL and Python

Two ways to Programmatically change projection of raw CSV

Change projection of CSV on-the-fly using GDAL, GeoPandas

Overlay cropped raster with vector layer

Plot cropped raster and vector layer on the same figure using rasterio and matplotlib